If you truly love it

"walt stanchfield" "preston blair" "imushroomu" "rainbow" "colors" "hand drawn" "animation" "gnome" "hand" "quote"

"walt stanchfield" "preston blair" "imushroomu" "rainbow" "colors" "hand drawn" "animation" "gnome" "hand" "quote"

I’m not big on quotes in picures, but whenever I have a creative block I tend to go to Walt Stanchfeild’s book, Drawn To Life. This quote is on one of the most inspirational pages, which is basically summed up in the quote, and if there is one thing that I truly can’t stop doing, it’s drawing. So this goes to him, and also the jumping sequence is taken from the Prestain Blair animation book, who I’m sure many people besides just me continually refer back to it during their animations…and if you use a differen’t book most of those also refer to his book, nbd.


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