Deep Sea Dweller Music Video

It’s finally done, the music video that I’ve been working a couple of months on. Done entirely in blacklight, this little baby is my completed stop motion short, of course with the help of some live action shots and final cut effects (my computer is still too old for aftereffects). Of course thanks to Chris and Julia for their musical talent, and Katy for helping with some props and backgrounds while I was in a creative stump, and Julia, Katy and Dara for letting me take over the downstairs closet.

Here’s the “official” description:
This stop motion music video is the visual counterpart to the illuminative down-tempo music written by Neptune with vocals and lyrics so eloquently thought out by Songbird. Done entirely in black light, with stop motion and live action intertwining together you would in fact think that you’ve made it into the deep sea where you will find it safe and no longer wish head towards the surface.


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