#TBT Woody and Dory

Woody and Dory


I’ve gone through my old hard drive and officially decided that if celebrities can have throw back thursday of their childhood I can start one of my childhood/super old art/work. There may have been to many “/” in that last sentence. But this my friends is from what I can tell is my first stop motion animation ever. It may be a lie, there may have been one before it that I can’t remember, but this is the oldest one that I could find. I remember my parents bought me a video camera one year for christmas that I obsessed over, and while trying to make videos with it, of course one of the first things I did was animations. I love how teenage me still tried to give a bit of personality to the characters, and my pacing wasn’t horribly off for having no idea what I was doing. I also enjoy seeing the deodorant stashed in between the other pixar memorabilia. I’m sure it was intentional for some reason…. Also I’m currently reading “Creativity, Inc.” which is an INCREDIBLE book, so this is insanely relevant.


copyright Heather Martinez 2014
No idea the program
All Pixar/Disney Characters are credited to them and the other copyright stuff I’m suppose to put here.


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