Plant Digital Illustration



Hanging out at the coffee shop yesterday doing some reading. This is the moment that I’m glad I always have a sketch book on hand. The whole time I was ready I was distracted by the plant that was sitting out doors. It was about 5, so the sun wasn’t setting yet, but still lit the plant so perfectly. I kept trying to embrace and memorize how the light was able to hit the plant, and the stark white that hit certain areas. So much so that I finally wasn’t able to take in the words that I was reading in my book, gave up and just took out the sketchbook. After drawing I tried to jolt down as many notes as possible so I remember how I was able to see the plant. I later took an image of the plant just for references, but was careful to try to illustrate how I felt at the moment opposed to a a literal interpretation from the cell phone.

Copyright Heather Martinez 2014
Adobe Photoshop CC


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