Whiskey & Beer: Block Print

Whiskey & Beer Block Print


Block printing, block printing and block printing! Last week was my parent’s 20th Anniversary!!!! OMG. It’s still insane to think about that. I tried to conceptualize something that represented both of them, and that would fit in their house to hang up (and not just because I made it).

So after a bit of thinking, I came up with the idea of Whiskey and Beer. Whenever they visit I always get in trouble if I don’t have any Whiskey nor Beer for them so I figured that this would be perfect. Also I love the idea of doing things by hand.
Whiskey & Beer Block PrintThese are the two thumbnail ideas that were brought together to create the image.

Whiskey & Beer Block Print

Since I like to work small, the image was planed out in a 2″x2″ square, then was gridded out to make bringing the idea over to the block in a mirror form easier.
Whiskey & Beer Block Print

The idea was then blocked out, and a few more details were added .Whiskey & Beer Block Print

Then painstakingly and carefully carved out.Whiskey & Beer Block Print

Then was used on black custom cut card stock with gold ink to create the the distressed bar effect.

The lesson of all of this, was that I have a bad habit of trying to bite off more than I can chew on a tight deadline…but I do always succeed. This was well worth pushing myself to finish, and will soon be available for purchase!

Now to carry on with the challenge of more block printing!

Copyright Heather Martinez 2014
Linoleum block printing
Speedball Water based ink


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