You Make Me Want To Pull My Eye Out!

You make me want to pull my eye out!

There was once upon a time when 19-year-old me had some neighbors who drove her crazy. This was illustrated at the beach to vent that anger. Well this is a version of the design now that I am older, and still have the insane urge to just rip by eye out from people driving me insane….but don’t worry I wont be doing that any time soon I hope.

his is the first time I attempted to illustrate this image. I think this was one of the first times I used photoshop to illustrate, but was clearly not that successful, although I can see some good efforts for a beginner. But damn I did not realize how much I’ve grown in 4 years.

he original sketch.

Copyright Heather Martinez 2015
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe Photoshop CC


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