It’s been a very exciting day today as many have realized. I woke up to my phone’s news alert telling me about the Supreme Court ruling. Having supported this issue for as long as I’ve been cognatively aware of it, this was amazing news. I wanted to do something that would represent the day and what it truly meant to me. And while the trending hashtag essential is the best description #lovewins, I wanted to figure out exactly how that felt, and to describe it. As that was happening (and some very bad illustrations of the penguins from Parks and Rec were being sketched in my book) I looked to instagram for inspiration. In fact what was the most inspiring image was posted by the official instagram page. The image itself is just two people truly in love in the ecstasy of their wedding. This is what I wanted to have portrayed in my excitement of the day.

What is more inspiring to me is the global reaction to this event. I work in a corporation who was a bit apprehensive to show their support in fear of the backlash of internet comments. What ended up happening was all positive comments…or ones irrelevant in general. But I feel that we have come so far as to have not only marriage legal through out the country, but a support through the population which would’ve been inconceivable years ago. While there are still those out there who do not believe in equality, the ratio has vastly gone in one favor. That is another truly spectacular thing.

Thank you for all who have put legit and full force effort into this fight! It was worth it! You deserve this day!!!!

Copyright Heather martinez 2015
Photoshop CC


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