Hermione would fight

I was 13 when I first read Goblet of Fire. Hermione is the character that I can honestly say I looked up to the most growing up. I mean, she literally grew up with me. Hermione was the first character I had known who started peaceful protesting for the injustice of Elvish welfare. The first time I was exposed to process and quick reasoning someone would protest.

I was 25 when I learned that Hermione was black, and that I was guilty of a bias that all Harry Potter characters were white unless specified. I was able to see in Cursed Child how she took this fire and brought it to the magical government, becoming Minister and enacting change.

I needed to take some time to do some introspect on my personal bias and past actions. While I’ve been always a supporter, I’m not one who takes many actions. I needed to remind myself of being 13 and reading about a heroine who always put others welfare in the spot light and demand change. 

Hermione would fight. I will fight. For my family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors, for justice. 


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