About Ham Eye Am

Ham Eye Am knows no bounds! This my friends, is a brain dump of exploration in art since 2011. A free space to express collaborations and experiments with new mediums and new themes. But never fear, there is always a push towards the practice and deeper digging of mediums that have been a favorite. You will find success stories, you will find failures, but most importantly you will find experiments!

About the AuthorHamEyeAmAbout

Heather is a fun, energetic creator who is naturally curious and loves to get her hands dirty in exploring. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Heather is a full time freelance designer and artist. Having a background of Film and Animation has lead to the full belief that no matter how commercial nor abstract your art becomes, always find a story and a reason why it is there. For me, the reason is usually along the lines of food, coffee and whiskey, but at least there is always a story.




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